Leya Marie Stewart

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Leya Marie Stewart was past seen successful New Lisbon, Wisconsin connected July 4th, 2023.

Leya is simply a achromatic woman, 5’2”, and 143 pounds. She has long, brownish hairsbreadth and hazel eyes. She has a piercing successful her close ear, an chartless tattoo connected her close shoulder, and an chartless tattoo connected her close thigh. She besides has a backmost tattoo with flowers and 2 names. She was past seen wearing achromatic shorts, a acheronian colored vessel top, and nary shoes.

Leya was past seen connected ft astir 2 p.m. connected 43rd Street adjacent 19th Avenue successful Lemonweir Township successful Juneau County, Wisconsin.

Law Enforcement indicated that Leya near her compartment phone, shoes, and cigarettes astatine a friend’s residence and whitethorn person been nether the power of a controlled substance.

The Juneau County Sheriff’s Office has issued a statewide missing persons alert owed to deficiency of accusation successful Leya’s case. Drone and crushed searches person been conducted with nary results. She has not contacted her family, friends, oregon 3 children since her disappearance.

Shortly aft her disappearance, the person whose location she had past been seen at, dropped disconnected her shoes, telephone and cigarettes astatine her parents’ home. The antheral told Leya's parent that they had a combat and that helium kicked her out. He aboriginal said that she had near the location connected her ain and that helium had not kicked her out.

According to her family, Leya is precise adjacent with her sisters, her ma and her children. She would ne'er spell a time without having interaction with her children oregon her mom. They consciousness it is improbable that she would intentionally enactment distant from location and the information that nary 1 has heard from her has them profoundly concerned. They judge that thing happened to her successful the country of her friend’s location and they fishy that Leya is inactive determination successful the neighborhood, but they don't judge that she is alive.

Law Enforcement is asking radical successful the country to cheque their spot and study thing to the sheriff’s office.

Leya is 43 years old.

Any leads oregon accusation should beryllium directed to:

Juneau County Sheriff’s Office

(608) 847-5649

You tin find much connected NamUs:

Case #MP105874


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