The Disappearance of Gwen Brunelle

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Gwendolyn Margaret “Gwen” Brunelle was calved connected December 9, 1995, to Betsy and Andy Brunelle.

Throughout her puerility and into her teenage years, overmuch of Gwen’s vigor went into raising and showing purebred rabbits, with her nationally recognized for her talents. She began successful 4H and, by 2007, had won the Showmanship Championship rubric astatine the Western Idaho Fair. She past went connected to vie successful the American Rabbit Breeders Association and was named its Queen astatine the nationalist contention successful 2011.

At the clip of her disappearance, she was moving to go a certified rabbit judge.

On a much idiosyncratic level, Gwen struggled with a information that made her moody and inattentive, for which she was taking medication.


On June 26, 2023, Gwen near her family’s location successful Boise, Idaho for a roadworthy travel to a tiny municipality conscionable extracurricular of Fresno, California, wherever she said she was going to conscionable a renowned rabbit judge. When spoken to aft the 27-year-old’s disappearance, the idiosyncratic successful question denied ever speaking to Gwen oregon having immoderate cognition of her plans to visit.

At 11:00AM, Gwen acceptable off, promising her boyfriend, Gerald Sanderson, and her parents that she’d support successful interaction and that she whitethorn perchance marque a halt successful Reno, Nevada, to interruption up the several-hundred-mile drive.

However, her cellphone’s awesome soon disappeared. Both Gerald and her begetter tried to get successful interaction with her implicit the adjacent respective hours, but received nary effect to their texts. By the adjacent morning, the erstwhile was disquieted capable to stock his concerns with Gwen’s parents, who reported her missing to the Boise Police Department.


What happened betwixt Gwen leaving location and her being reported missing is each based connected surveillance footage and witnesser accounts. When she was 20 miles from her residence, she stopped astatine a convenience store successful Nampa, arsenic confirmed by some information video and her debit paper records.

While the footage showed her purchasing snacks, the astir absorbing spot was that she’d changed her clothes. She’d near location wearing a bluish garment and Nike-brand tennis shoes, but had changed into a reddish garment and knee-high formal boots. What besides struck her household arsenic unusual was that she’d visited the store 3 hours aft she’d embarked connected her journey, a alternatively agelong clip to person travelled conscionable 20 miles.

The adjacent clip Gwen was caught connected surveillance footage was astatine 12:00PM connected June 27, 2023. This time, she was astatine the Sinclair state presumption successful Jordan Valley, Oregon, and she was seen purchasing gas, aft which she went to Mrs. Z’s convenience store, wherever she bought h2o and immoderate peanuts. She’d besides asked if the constitution sold razors, but was told they didn’t.

Despite telling the state presumption attendant that she was successful a hurry, Gwen was seen sitting successful her car aft an hour. Concerned, the idiosyncratic went to cheque connected the 27-year-old and was told she was doing okay.


Three days aft Gwen was reported missing, connected June 30, 2023, her car was found, abandoned, astatine Succor Creek successful Malheur County, Oregon, conscionable a mile distant from Highway 95. It had allegedly been successful the country since the 28th, erstwhile a UPS operator archetypal saw it parked disconnected the roadworthy during his luncheon break. A constabulary serviceman was dispatched to the country for an unrelated crushed and, curious, ran the 2008 Honda Element’s plates and discovered Gwen’s missing idiosyncratic report.

When found, the conveyance was facing north-east, successful an country commonly utilized by visitors to the location. It was unlocked, with the cardinal inactive successful the ignition, and the windows were partially opened. Also recovered wrong were Gwen’s leather enarthrosis bag, which contained her wallet, recognition cards and driver’s license; question bags with her idiosyncratic items; macromolecule barroom wrappers and bare soda cans; and 3 cages holding 11 rabbits, 5 of which were deceased. A h2o trough and a week’s worthy of nutrient were besides wrong the car.

Not acold from the Honda Element, constabulary recovered Gwen’s purple bath robe, which had been folded arsenic if idiosyncratic had utilized it arsenic a cushion, arsenic good arsenic the h2o jug she’d purchased astatine the convenience store, present fractional empty.

The vehicle’s find prompted an extended hunt of the area, with investigators and Gwen’s household and friends looking on-foot, manning ATVs and adjacent going connected horseback, successful an effort to find immoderate clues arsenic to her whereabouts. Four trained dogs were besides brought successful to assistance with the search.

After days of failed efforts, constabulary suspended their authoritative hunt connected July 10, 2023.

The adjacent hint successful the lawsuit didn’t amusement up until 2 months later. On September 10, 2023, 1 of Gwen’s t-shirts was recovered tangled successful a barbed ligament obstruction astir 1.5 miles from her car, astatine Dog Creek. This prompted the hunt to partially resume, with her boots and a brace of mismatched socks being located astir 80 yards southbound of wherever the garment had been found. Interestingly, the boots had been stacked successful a crisscrossed manner.


Gwendolyn Margaret “Gwen” Brunelle went missing successful Jordan Valley, Malheur County, Oregon connected June 27, 2023. She was 27 years old, and was past seen wearing a dark-coloured t-shirt, achromatic leggings and achromatic knee-high formal boots with a level sole. She stands astatine 5’7″ and weighs betwixt 140-160 pounds. She has brownish eyes and agelong mean brown/auburn hairsbreadth that’s usually up successful a ponytail. Gwen’s ears are pierced, and she’s left-handed.

At the clip of her disappearance, Gwen was driving a grey 2008 Honda Element with Idaho licence plates 5WT6X.


At present, Gwen’s lawsuit is classified arsenic a missing person’s investigation, with her parents acrophobic that she whitethorn person go disoriented and wandered from her car oregon abducted. There’s besides a anticipation she’d lied astir the crushed for her trip, with her household positing that she whitethorn person been gathering up with an chartless individual.

Anyone with accusation regarding the lawsuit is asked to interaction the Boise Police Department astatine either (208) 377-6790 oregon (280) 570-6000. Tips tin besides beryllium called into the Malheur County Sheriff’s Office astatine (541) 473-5125.

Image Credit: Find Gwen – Official Missing Persons Website


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