Ruth-ann Wilson

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April 05, 2024 – An Ananda Alert has been activated for 15-year-old Ruth-ann Wilson and her lad 1-year-old Malichi Williston of Portmore Park, Bridgeport successful St. Catherine who has been missing since Friday, April 05.

She is of acheronian complexion, slim physique and 160 centemetres (5 feet 3 inches) gangly portion Malichi is of acheronian complexion and astir 52 centimetres (2 feet).

Reports from the Portmore Police are that astir 5:00 a.m., Ruth-ann and her lad were past seen home. When past seen she was dressed successful a peach formal portion Malichi was dressed successful a blue, reddish and achromatic jumper. All efforts to interaction them person proven futile.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Ruth-ann Wilson and Malichi Williston is asked to interaction the Portmore Police astatine 876-989-8422, 119 constabulary exigency fig oregon the nearest constabulary station.

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